CTA Carrier Hosts Transport Minister Announcement of Supply Chain Task Force Report

Oct 06, 2022

(TORONTO, Oct. 6, 2022) – Transport Minister Omar Alghabra today announced the release of a much-anticipated report outlining recommendations to improve supply chain efficiency and relieving labour shortages in the transportation and trucking sectors.

Alghabra referred to the National Supply Chain Task Force Report 2022 during a visit with CTA board member Rosedale Transport Group for a roundtable discussion on the state of the Canadian supply chain, the challenges it faced in a post-pandemic world and potential solutions industry and government can work together on.

 Several of the recommendations reflect what the Canadian Trucking Alliance has been calling for to relieve stress and improve goods improvement for the Canadian supply chain, which has been grappling with an acute driver shortage, service disruptions and inflationary pressures since the pandemic began. 

 Specific trucking-related recommendations included the report:


  • Expansion of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWP) program to expand access to immigration programs for the transportation industry; 
  • In collaboration with provinces and territories, implement policies and programs to cover training costs for truck drivers;

Infrastructure/ Border

  • Complete project to twin Hwy 185 between New Brunswick and Quebec to support Long Combination Vehicle Operations (LCV) in Eastern Canada;
  • Reopen FAST enrolment centres with an expedited approvals process;
  • Expand Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspections and services specifically for the processing of commercial goods;
  • Protect highway corridors, border crossings and gateways from disruptions – namely blockades/protests and labour disputes – to ensure unfettered access for commercial transportation modes.
  • Engage US and provinces in reciprocal recognition of regulations, policies and processes to enhance supply chain competitiveness and productivity (e.g. nationally consistent trucking regulations, and removing impediments to deploying equipment across the country).   


  • Establish a Supply Chain Office and strategy to oversee governance and implementation of the recommendations in the National Supply Chain Task Force Report 2022.

A full copy of the report can be found here

 After the announcement, the minister met with a group of CTA carriers at Rosedale’s Mississauga terminal to discuss the issues highlighted in the report, among others. 

 “Minister Alghabra has been a great ally and supportive of our industry throughout the pandemic,” said Rosedale President Rolly Uloth. “Our sector, like many others, has faced a growing list of challenges over the last two and half years. The recommendations in the Supply Chain report, if implemented, will go a long way towards bolstering the supply chain and relieving some of the capacity constraints and disruption many businesses are experiencing.”   

 “The implications of the driver shortage are being felt by all Canadian business and households today. Drivers are a critical part of maintaining the supply chain and keeping the economy moving,” he continued. “Today's meeting with Minister Alghabra is a part of the process our sector and the government of Canada are committed to in solving the many issues impacting our trucking supply chains.” 

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