Trucking. Is. For. Everyone.

Feb 03, 2022

Floyd Thiessen-trucking-is-for-everyone
Trucking. Is. For. Everyone
Meet Floyd Thiessen who recently graduated from Mandatory Entry-Level Training and received his Class 1A license. A big thanks to Floyd for giving us permission to share.

Meet Floyd Thiessen (31) and his supporting wife Vicky, who recently went to High Grade Truck Driving in Battlefords, SK to complete the MELT program and get their class 1A license.

While completing the in-class portion of MELT, Floyd invented and designed a lift to assist him in getting into the truck! His wife Vicky accompanied Floyd during the MELT program and decided to complete it herself!

Both Floyd and Vicky completed MELT and are actively working as professional drivers in Neilburg, SK--driving equipment and pulling super-B's. Thank you to the farmer that employed and provided the opportunity for Floyd and Vicky to build their careers. They were both sponsored and funded through the Canada Saskatchewan Jobs Grant Program.

5 years ago Floyd was in a plane crash in Belize and was paralyzed from the waist down. His story and journey is remarkable.

Thank you to Floyd and to the trucking industry for valuing accessibility for all!

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