Get to know our technology for your transportation

Jan 23, 2023

Get to know our technology for your transportation

Based in Edmonton and working directly with our international Dealer Network and several Industry-leading partners, including many levels of government, we understand our market and can anticipate the needs of the transportation industry. Over the years, Diesel Tech Industries has grown from Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd. A 15-bay diesel repair shop equipped to service light and heavy-duty equipment, anything from quick repairs or tuning to a complete engine rebuild, to an internationally recognized brand. We currently have our products all around the world, including some being certified by Transport Canada. Our partners and connections stretch throughout North America and even into South America. Our continuous innovation has made us an industry leader not only in Alberta but globally. DTI’s catalog of development includes the Guardian EPASS, Guardian ELOG, Guardian Turbo Timer, Guardian ECM Interface, Guardian ECM Simulator, Guardian Clock, and our latest, Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System. Our multidisciplinary, in-house team is filled with technical specialists and engineers. We take pride in our team members' abilities, from firmware developers, and mechanical engineers, to our in-house cables and electronics departments. We have real-world prototyping experience and product development that allows DTI to take an idea from start to finish in our facility and ultimately to market. We are scalable and ready to meet the demands of several projects, simultaneously.


The Guardian ELOG is a very simple, functional, and practical Electronic Logging Device also referred to as an ELD. The Guardian ELOG is one of the first devices to be 3rd party certified for Canadian use by Transport Canada. We have a talented team who are experts in vehicle communication systems and interface connections, thus setting DTI apart. Our in-house engineered solution ensures uninterrupted functionality and support of the product. Whether you have 1 or 500 trucks the Guardian ELOG will help drive your drivers HOS compliance. Guardian ELOG is for companies who want all the basic functions without all the bells and whistles that may cause driver frustration and increase the “buy-in”. Easy to use, compliant with Transport Canada. The Guardian ELOG was designed with the customer in mind from the most seasoned to the newest of professional drivers, we strive to improve the driver experience and ease the transition. The ELOG is FMCSA and Transport Canada Certified and successfully completed over 400+ testing procedures to ensure we are providing the highest level of safety for drivers on the road.


At DTI we take on the challenge to understand the customer’s needs which is why we have developed robust products to make sure they are on the road as much as possible. Our continuous innovation has enabled us to be an industry leader in building transportation-related electronic tech. Products like vehicle network interfacing modules and critical engine shutdown systems are all designed, manufactured, and assembled under one roof in Alberta, Canada. We also recognize the importance of having a variety of simplistic, yet functional tools for drivers and fleets to keep our roads safe.

The STA, YWCA Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training have launched a pilot-program to encourage more woman to participate in the trucking industry.

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