Getting a Class 1 driver’s licence when you have truck-driving experience outside Canada or the United States

Apr 03, 2024

SGI may waive the Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) requirement for a Class 1 licence if you:

  • can show acceptable proof that you have 5 years of Class 1 experience in the last 10 years; and
  • moved from one of the countries we have an agreement with to recognize each other’s licence as equals (also known as reciprocal countries). 

You can find the list of reciprocal countries on the Moving to Saskatchewan page of SGI’s website.

Getting a Saskatchewan driver’s licence

If you have a licence equivalent to Class 1 from a reciprocal country, you can exchange it for a Class 5 licence by visiting any motor licence issuer in Saskatchewan. You should advise the issuer that you’re planning to upgrade to a Class 1, and they’ll add relevant licencing information to your SGI file.

Upgrading to a Class 1

Have the Commercial Driver’s Licence Medical Report form completed by a physician and then submit it to SGI’s Medical Review Unit at for review. Once your medical is approved, you can visit an SGI exam office to complete the vision test and written exams.

You’re going to want to prepare for the exams by studying the Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook and the Professional Driver’s handbook. You can also take the interactive online practice quizzes:

  • Class 5 Practice Quiz (includes questions from the basic knowledge exam)
  • Class 1A Practice Quiz (includes a variety of questions from each of the exams you will have to complete: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Air Brake)

During your visit to the SGI Driver Examination office, SGI staff will check the documents showing you have a Class 1 equivalent licence. You will need to provide a:

  • driver’s licence,
  • driver’s abstract, or
  • driver record or official letter from your home jurisdiction showing how long you’ve held a Class 1 licence.

If you have adequate experience, you can schedule your Class 1 practical exams (road test, trip inspection and air brake tests) as soon as you pass the written tests. Schedule those exams by calling 1-844-855-2744 and pressing #2 and #2.

  • If you don’t show sufficient skill during your road test, you may have to take MELT before taking the road test again.
  • If you’re coming from a non-reciprocal country, you must complete the full process of obtaining your Class 1 licence in Saskatchewan, including all mandatory training.

For more information, visit an SGI Driver Examination office or call 1-844-855-2744 and press #2 and #2.

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