Making Health & Wellness a Priority

Jul 29, 2022

Making Health & Wellness a Priority

With the 2nd Quarter of 2022 well underway becoming a best-in-class carrier has become even more important. Currently, in Saskatchewan, many carriers are experiencing difficulties with driver shortages and industry engagement with prospective entrants into the profession. Some of the stats we can examine provincially include: 

Job vacancies in transportation more than doubled from about 10,625 (a vacancy rate of 2.3 percent) in January 2021 to about 21,360 (a vacancy rate of 4.3 percent) in December 2021. 

Between 2019-2023, 3,220 Transport Truck Drivers are needed in SK (NOC 7511)—75% of these workers will be new to trucking

6,800 job openings in Transportation and warehousing (forecasted 2019-2023)

One of the ways we can ensure we are the best in class and actively attract the interest of employees both experienced and new to the industry is to have an effective health and safety program in place. Having an effective health and safety program and monitoring process such as a Certificate of Recognition (CoR) in place. Enables a carrier to build, promote and maintain a strong culture of safety within the workplace. When we have a viable and effective safety culture within a workplace it promotes not only safety in the workplace it also provides benefits such as employee engagement, a sense of personal responsibility, teamwork, and confidence within the workforce. 

Health and Wellness programs with a strong focus on mental health are becoming increasingly common at workplaces within the industry. Studies show that mental health issues are prominent within the transportation industry. Companies that actively support and promote workers' mental health and implement programs that shorten away times, focus on family dynamics, and provide support for stress and fatigue management also increase their company's appeal. To potential employees already in the industry or new workers entering the workforce looking for career options.  Effective Health and wellness programs provide benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress, better physical health, reduced physical injuries, better sleep patterns, and energy, improved mental alertness of drivers As well as improved confidence and self-esteem of employees. This can also factor into increased employee retention, morale, and job satisfaction. 

People entering the workforce today also look for best-in-class companies with active employee engagement, and a strong culture of diversity and inclusion. Studies show that more than 70 percent of potential hires entering the workforce look for companies that demonstrate diversity and inclusion. Some ways this can be accomplished include ongoing diversity and inclusion training of staff and management, having a diverse leadership structure, and engaging and including all levels of staff in decision-making processes.

By investing in and showing commitment to workers' health and safety, physical and mental well-being, and providing an inclusive and diverse workplace and culture. Best in class employers can look forward to the benefits of increased employee morale, retention, and success in attracting new talent to the workplace. 

Are you looking to provide your employees with new skills? Is having a safe and employee-friendly workplace part of your company culture? The Trucking Industry Certificate of Recognition (CoR) is an industry-evaluated health & safety program recognized by the WCB and Work Safe Saskatchewan.

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