Saskatchewan Trucking Association Reacts to the 2023-2024 Federal Budget

Mar 31, 2023

Regina, Saskatchewan – On March 28th, the Government of Canada tabled the 2023-2024 federal budget. This year’s budget will make transformative investments to strengthen trade corridors, while also creating opportunities for Canadian businesses and protections for federally regulated gig workers.

Saskatchewan Trucking Association Reacts to the 2023-2024 Federal Budget

More specifically, $27.2 million will be provided over five years to Transport Canada to establish a Transportation Supply Chain Office to work with industry and other orders of government to respond to disruptions and better coordinate action to increase the capacity, efficiency, and reliability of Canada’s transportation supply chain infrastructure. 

“Labour market data published by the U.S. shows that trucks moved roughly 54% of all goods crossing the Canada-U.S. border in October of 2022, which equates to over US $35 billion worth of goods[1]” said Executive Director, Susan Ewart. “Recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, show the economic challenges that come with supply chain disruptions, so we are pleased to see a federal commitment to improving the infrastructure that our industry relies on to drive our economy forward.”

Similarly, this budget proposes amendments to the Canada Labour Code which will improve job protections for federally regulated gig workers by strengthening prohibitions against employee misclassification. Building on the federal government’s move to made intentional misclassification illegal, these amendments will help ensure federally regulated workers receive the protections and employer contribution to which they are entitled, including Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.

“At a time when Driver Inc. is running rampant throughout our industry, we recognize the importance of providing protection to workers that are being misclassified in their roles,” Ewart said. “However, in this area, the budget falls short on commitments made in the Fall Economic Statement. Along these lines, we would like to see more enforcement from CRA and ESDC, to ensure that all business in our industry are on a level playing field in terms of tax compliance.”

About Saskatchewan Trucking Association

 The Saskatchewan Trucking Association strives to be the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan. As proactive trusted advisors, we promote advocacy, knowledge, training, education, and safety in all our activities. The Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of owners and operators of trucking companies and affiliate members from supplier companies.  


[1] Source: Canada-U.S. border saw $35B in October truck shipments - Truck News

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