STA/MLA Government Relations Reception

Apr 09, 2024

The STA collected a lively group of ministers, MLAs, municipal leaders, and industry professionals in Room 218 at the Saskatchewan Legislature building yesterday.

STA/MLA Government Relations Reception

This annual STA member-only event was sponsored by Butler Byers Insurance and was aimed at fostering communication and collaboration between the government and the transportation industry. Held in the historic setting of the Legislative Building, the event provided a platform for government officials, policymakers, and representatives from a range of sectors to engage in discussions on key issues, policies, and initiatives impacting the province. In addition, everyone appreciated the variety of refreshments available, as there was something to satisfy every palate.

All who attended took the opportunity to exchange ideas, share insights, and build relationships that could contribute to the development and implementation of effective governance strategies. The event featured enthusiastic dialogue from our board chair, Heather Day, defining Driver Inc. and an acknowledgement of the trucking industry from the Honourable Lori Carr, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Highways. Predominantly this event is a valuable networking opportunity and overheard were discussions on career training, infrastructure development and zero-emission technology. We are happy that the event allowed attendees to gain beneficial knowledge, perspectives, and connections.

Having the event at the center of the political landscape had its advantages as our Premier, the Honourable Scott Moe, and the Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Carla Beck both dropped by for a short visit with attendees. These opportunities serve as a reminder that elected representatives are there to serve the interests of the public and want to hear what industry thinks of their stewardship. Whether it's sharing updates on policy initiatives, addressing pressing issues, or highlighting achievements, these events offer a platform to connect with constituents and keep them informed.

Overall, the government relations event at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building was all about bringing people together to work hand in hand, understand each other better, and team up for the betterment of the province and its people. If you missed out on this event, I think you passed up a great opportunity. Make sure to mark your calendars for next year's event!

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