Take Time to Plan Your Travel this Holiday Season

Dec 22, 2022

Be sure to include the Highway Hotline in your travel plans this holiday season!

Take Time to Plan Your Travel this Holiday Season

The Highway Hotline, Saskatchewan's provincial road information system, is open 24-hours a day, seven-days a week during the winter months to ensure updates are entered as quickly as possible into our online and voicemail system. Maps and information are updated at least three times per day or as conditions require.

"In an effort to continuously improve service to citizens, the Government of Saskatchewan recently added some additional cameras to the Highway Hotline," Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. "This supplements the road information which is readily available for travelers."

An additional six new cameras were added earlier this month, which will be used by travelers as well as ministry staff, who monitor highways across the province and report road conditions through the hotline. There are 47 cameras located across the province.

The new camera locations are as follows:

  • Highway 4 at Sask Landing
  • Highway 1 at Wapella
  • Highway 9 at Round Lake 
  • Highway 46 Overpass over Highway 1 at Balgonie
  • Highway 1 at Tower Road Interchange at Regina
  • Uranium City Airport

Travelers depend on the hotline with more than six million visits annually. Last year, it recorded 13 million visits alone. The hotline provides information on highway conditions, road closures, construction zones, ferries and border crossings. 

You can also download the free Highway Hotline app to your smart phone or tablet by visiting the App Store or Google Play. When using the application, remember to touch and hold the segment of road for detailed information.

Hotline updates can also be found at: saskatchewan.ca/highwayhotline. Information and recordings for road information can also be accessed by dialing 511. The hotline is on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Ministry of Highways' Customer Service Centre can answer questions or concerns regarding signage, work zones, winter maintenance and more. Reach out by calling 1-844-SK-HIWAY, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or visit us online at: saskatchewan.ca/highways.

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