The issues behind electronic compliance

May 31, 2022

Due to a variety of factors, including strict regulations, strong growth, and a frantic rush to operational optimization, the trucking industry is among the most technologically advanced industries in the economy today. With Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate set to take effect on January 1st, 2023, the telematics market is more competitive than ever.

The issues behind electronic compliance

Over the past few years, we have seen that the most common topic discussed has been compliance. Of course, this aspect is always crucial. However, in this era of unprecedented technological change, with massive databases and millions of connected vehicles, it is important to consider cybersecurity when selecting and evaluating ELD solutions. In the past, trucking companies were not targeted by cyberattacks because their data had little to no value on the black market. Today, with the exponential growth of telematics and ELD regulations, data from the trucking world is becoming increasingly attractive to hackers. Some of this data, in addition to enabling the theft of cargo, trucks and trailers, also has value in maintaining business continuity and daily operations of transportation companies. In addition, due to the current situation involving Russia and Ukraine, the North American trucking industry is more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. Indeed, the Russian government has already begun using hacking and theft of commercial data to pressure NATO member countries. So what would happen to your business if your data suddenly disappeared or was no longer accessible?

The level of cybersecurity of the ELD solution that will host your data must therefore be a determining factor in the choice of the solution. Geotab’s ELD solution, powered by AttriX, is a wise and judicious choice in this regard. With numerous certifications including ISO 27001, FedRamp, GDPR and FIPS140-2, it is the most cyber-secure solution in the transportation industry.  When evaluating a new solution or talking to vendors, don’t hesitate to ask about their infrastructure and security as it relates to their services and data protection. Another major benefit to consider of Geotab’s ELD solution is the flexibility and compatibility of iOS, Android and AttriX driver terminals. In addition, AttriX’s DX terminals are secured through the Knox security platform.

The solution from the world’s leading telematics company also supports variable start time of day (other than midnight), an essential feature if your drivers start their shifts at variable times. Of course, if part of your team is French-speaking, make sure you opt for a bilingual solution, such as the one offered by Geotab.

A valuable tip for successful implementation of a new technology is to start your implementation as soon as possible, to ensure a smooth and gradual transition. Obviously, with new software comes the need to learn. When it comes to ELD implementation, it is compliance and your PEVL file that could be impacted by a lack of training. A well-trained team that has mastered their ELD solution requires much less support. Therefore, offering a training service should be a consideration when choosing your vendor. AttriX’s team of CFTR-certified compliance experts provides training and support to its customers at every stage of the Geotab ELD implementation to ensure successful deployment and continued compliance.

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