Unleashing the Power of Safety: Inspiring Stories and Transformative Insights at the 25th Annual WCB Comp Institute

Jun 01, 2023

From May 29th to 31st, the STA attended the 25th Annual WCB Comp Institute held at TCU Place in Saskatoon. It was an event that brought together folks from various industries, allowing us to connect, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into Workplace Health and Safety challenges and opportunities. We heard from thirteen remarkable speakers, including four WCB employees and directors. These experts shed light on the impacts of the 2023-2028 Fatalities and Serious Injuries Strategy, offering a WCB 101 session that guided us through the maze of the WCB website and claims process. They even teased a few upcoming changes to the website, making it more user-friendly for employers.

The presentations covered a range of topics like boosting safety self-awareness, tackling burnout and workplace wellness, embracing authenticity, preventing serious workplace injuries and fatalities, leveraging leadership for transformative results, and even the holy grail of Safety Communication, the 10 commandments.

Curt Minard, Dan Plexman, and Alvin Law gave impactful presentations, sharing their personal experiences of on-the-job injuries and the devastating consequences for themselves and their loved ones. This emphasized the importance of safety protocols such as conducting Hazard Assessments and wearing all required PPE to prevent similar incidents.

A Key Takeaway from this Event: "Walking Safety" is as Important as "Talking Safety"

It's crucial to remember that merely "talking safety" is not enough. To ensure a safe workplace, leaders at all levels, including CEOs, managers, supervisors, and other executives, must wholeheartedly embrace safety as a core value of their companies. Without leadership support, employees are unlikely to prioritize safety. Let's lace up those safety boots and lead the charge toward a safer work environment! 

Ensure you take a moment to read Safety on the Prairies on page 30! This insightful piece was authored by one of our esteemed members from Hopfe Training Centre Incorporated.

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