Introduction to CSA for Drivers

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This course introduces participants to FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Course Content

This course provides an explanation of the program background, Operational Model, the 6 BASICs and Crash Indicators, weighting, and interventions. The Safety Fitness Determination and Pre-Employment Screening program are also discussed.

Student Profile: Drivers.

Pre-requisites: None.

Language of Instruction: English, French

This online training course is delivered by CarriersEdge, a trusted Saskatchewan Trucking Association partner.

| Lesson Qty: 3 | Passing Score: 85

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1/2 Day Classroom Equivalent

Ensure you take a moment to read Safety on the Prairies on page 30! This insightful piece was authored by one of our esteemed members from Hopfe Training Centre Incorporated.

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