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In order to receive the best training, please review the following course outlines and pre-requisites to determine what courses are necessary for you or your employee.

Course Content

  • How Adults Learn
  • Lesson Planning
  • Resources & Training Aids
  • Communication & Public Speaking
  • Assessment

Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please note that the STA owns the PDIC and LCV curriculum in Saskatchewan and all rights to it. The STA offers PDIC and LCV instructor courses to carrier companies who are STA members so that they may certify in-house instructors to train and test their own drivers. The individual taking the instructor course from the STA maintains the certification for the carrier company so long as they are;

  • employed for that company,
  • meeting the pre‐requisites for instructor certification,
  • and meeting the ongoing certification requirements
  • Instructors are required to train at least one new LCV driver per year. ALL training records must be sent to the STA.

This means that certification cannot be transferred within the company. This also means that should the instructor change companies, their certification is void. This also means that if ongoing certification requirements aren’t being met, such as registering drivers trained with the STA, their certification is void.

After the initial training is completed, carriers must ensure that they review their permit conditions with the driver and issue a certificate (wallet card) indicating they have reviewed permit conditions, current regulations, the operators’ drivers’ abstract and any issues pertaining to the operation of LCVs. This certificate must be issued with a one-year expiry date. The review of permit conditions must be completed at least annually.

Submit the following with application:

  • Proof of formal training regarding instruction or facilitation and/or proof of experience in the role of a safety professional, or a workplace instructor or facilitator.
  • Letter of recommendation from current employer.
  • Resume.

Mandatory or Elective Training: CTSC Elective, CTSP Elective

Student Profile: Adult Educators, Safety Professionals, Workplace Instructors/Facilitators

Language of Instruction: English

Course Calendar

Instructor-led in-person and video conference training is offered on a calendar schedule.

Upcoming Opportunties


PDIC & LCV Instructor Training

Location: Via Zoom

Please take note of our Cancellation Policy.

Starts Thursday, August 29, 2024 - 9:00 am

Ends Friday, August 30, 2024 - 4:30 pm

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PDIC & LCV Instructor Training

Location: Via Zoom

Please take note of our Cancellation Policy.

Starts Thursday, November 28, 2024 - 9:00 am

Ends Friday, November 29, 2024 - 4:30 pm

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Instructor-Led via Video Conference
2 days

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