Training for Commercial Drivers

About Training

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association offers a number of training courses to members and non-members. STA members receive a reduced price on most courses.  Our training is primarily classroom training on a variety of topics and is designed for those in the trucking industry.  We are constantly reviewing our course material to ensure that our participant's receive up-to-date and relevant information aligned with the regulations, best practices and industry standards for the topic they are learning about.  Learn about each topic by selecting the course you are interested in from the right menu.

On-Site & Customized Training

If your company or organization has a number of people who require training, there may be an opportunity for one of our instructors to provide training on-site, at your location. In some cases, the course may be customized to better suit your specific needs. There are many benefits to customized training:

  • Hosting training on-site may save on participants’ travel and accommodation costs
  • You determine when and where the course will be delivered - available anytime through the year
  • Include company-specific material and experiences
  • Convenience and flexibility to tailor the course to meet your specific goals

A minimum number of participants is required and costs for the instructor’s expenses such as travel and accommodation for distant locations, may also apply. For more information or questions about these opportunities, contact the STA office.


Dispatcher Training

Dispatcher Interpersonal Skills - Communication, Leadership & HR Techniques
This self guided e-learning module teaches dispatchers the “soft” skills they need to do their job successfully. The training is extremely flexible, and the individual can set their own learning pace by studying and testing themselves online when they're ready. The course takes approximately 20 hours, and covers conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills, managing stress and multi-tasking. Successful candidates will be issued a national standards certificate upon completion. Register Online


Dispatcher Professional Skills - Load Management
This self-study e-learning course teaches students how to maximize their effectiveness as dispatchers. The course takes approximately 20 hours, and the student has the flexibility to learn at his or her own pace, and take online tests when they're ready. Such topics as increasing knowledge of resource management, profitable routing, legal requirements and avoiding empty mileage are covered. Successful candidates will be issued a national standards certificate upon completion. Register Online 

Training Calendar
Visit our training calendar for scheduled classroom training. Most courses are scheduled as recurring monthly events but are subject to change. Instructor courses are not held monthly and are held periodically.

How to Register

  • Check the Training Calendar for scheduled dates
  • Be sure to check the prerequisites and complete a registration form (forms can be downloaded from our website)
  • For Instructor courses, please also complete an application - and submit supporting documents for prerequisites (if required)
  • Payment is due before the training start date
  • It is our policy that only companies which are members of the Association may be invoiced - VISA and MC are accepted

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received by speaking to our staff in person, by phone (NOT by voicemail) or in writing:

  • Cancellation with at least five (5) business days before the course start date – STA will refund the registration fee in full
  • Cancellation with 48 hours’ notice – STA will re-fund 50% of the registration fee
  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or no-show will be charged in full


For courses taken at the STA facility, wallet certificates are issued by the instructor upon successful completion of the course. Certificates may only be replaced by the person or entity that paid for the training. For example, if your employer paid for your training, then only your employer can apply for the replacement certificate. The cost to replace certificates is $25 plus GST.

Driver Evaluations

Road tests are beneficial to carrier companies looking to ensure that potential drivers meet the needs and expectations of the employer.  We have two type of driver evaluations available:

  • Pre-hire Road Test Evaluations

The employer will receive a detailed record of the road test and certification if deemed that the driver has sufficient driving skill to operate safely. Evaluations are done by a qualified instructor and are scheduled individually. These sessions may take up to 3 hours.  The cost is $150 members ($200 non-members.)  Contact our office for more details.



Please note, that any information on these pages pertaining to our training, including and not limited to, course offerings, prices, prerequisites and conditions, is subject to change at any time.