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Long Combination Vehicles (LCV)

Resource Industry Driver Enhancement (RIDE)

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Participant Courses:
Cargo Securement$220
Fatigue Management / Hours of Service$230
Hours of Service Overview / Logbook Training$120
PDIC (Professional Driver Improvement Course)$230
Long Combination Vehicles$155
RIDE (Resource Industry Driver Enhancement)$240
Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Truck$115
Fatigue Management / Logbook Training$230
Instructor Courses: 
Hours of Service / Logbook Training INSTRUCTOR$380
PDIC (Professional Driver Improvement Course) INSTRUCTOR$380
Long Combination Vehicle INSTRUCTOR$295
RIDE (Resource Industry Driver Enhancement) INSTRUCTOR$690
Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Truck INSTRUCTOR$615
Participant Courses:
Cargo Securement$290
Fatigue Management / Hours of Service$300
Hours of Service Overview / Logbook Training$155
PDIC (Professional Driver Improvement Course)$300
Long Combination Vehicles$200
RIDE (Resource Industry Driver Enhancement)$315
Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Truck$150
Fatigue Management / Logbook Training$300
Instructor Courses: 
Instructor Courses are not available to non-members


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Visit the STA training calendar for up to date information on dates and location of scheduled training. For custom training, non-listed courses and all other questions, please contact Russ Turgeon at

About Training

As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership Association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education. Part of this education is through the offering of a variety of training courses created specifically for the commercial trucking industry.

There are some courses which drivers are required to have in order to operate certain types of equipment, such as long combination vehicles (LCVs) and haul certain types of products, such as dangerous goods. Other training courses are directed at helping carrier companies and their drivers understand regulations that govern the trucking industry, such as Hours of Service and Cargo Securement.

The STA also offers customized training courses, developed to meet the specific needs of companies. Every trucking company is different and requires education on different topics for different types of operations – the STA can create custom courses to ensure that all of the training needs of the company are met.

Training courses are offered in a variety of settings and locations throughout the province. The STA office at 103 Hodsman Road in Regina has a training classroom where scheduled and customized courses can be held. On site courses are also available for companies.

How to Register

  • Check the Training Calendar for scheduled dates
  • Be sure to check the prerequisites and complete a registration form (forms can be downloaded from our website)
  • For Instructor courses, please also complete an application - and submit supporting documents for prerequisites (if required)
  • Payment is due before the training start date
  • It is our policy that only companies which are members of the Association may be invoiced - VISA and MC are accepted

On-Site & Customized Training

If your company or organization has a number of people who require training, there may be an opportunity for one of our instructors to provide training on-site, at your location. In some cases, the course may be customized to better suit your specific needs. There are many benefits to customized training:

  • Hosting training on-site may save on participants’ travel and accommodation costs
  • You determine when and where the course will be delivered - available anytime through the year
  • Include company-specific material and experiences
  • Convenience and flexibility to tailor the course to meet your specific goals

A minimum number of participants is required and costs for the instructor’s expenses such as travel and accommodation for distant locations, may also apply. For more information or questions about these opportunities, contact the STA office.

Driver Evaluations

The STA understand the need to carrier companies to understand the skills of a driver prior to hiring them. To meet this need of the industry the STA offers Pre-Employment Road Tests. Fully customizable by the carrier company looking to hire drivers, the Pre-Employment Road Tests are scheduled as needed by the company.

About STA Instructors

STA instructors are veterans of the trucking industry. With a complete background on regulatory and compliance requirements, holding class 1A licences and trained to educate others, STA trainers are true industry professionals.

Please note: Information on pages pertaining to our training, including and not limited to, course offerings, prices, prerequisites and conditions, may be subject to change at any time.

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