Service to Industry Award

The trucking industry is a powerhouse industry that is relied upon by every Canadian.

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It drives the economy, makes this way of life possible and ensures that we never go without. The trucking industry would not be where it is today without leaders, pioneers and dedicated individuals who worked throughout their careers to better it.

For 80 years the STA has fought the battles on behalf of the industry, worked diligently to create a better business environment for trucking in Saskatchewan.

The STA is a collective of people who had this mentality and put in work for the good of all. If you know someone, in your employ or otherwise, who have made creative contributions to the Saskatchewan trucking industry, they deserve to be nominated for this prestigious award.

2021-10-29 Bert Barry Recipient of the STA Omnitracs Service To Industry Award

Albert (Bert) Bruce Barry Announced as Recipient of the STA Omnitracs Service To Industry Award

Oct 29, 2021 | Drivers, Press Release, We Are Trucking

The STA/Omnitracs Service to Industry Award recognizes leaders who have made exceptional contributions to the trucking industry in Saskatchewan. It...

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